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To me, the critical marker in valuing a business deal—in sports or elsewhere—is allocation of risk. After the early portion of a typical veteran NFL contract is over (one or two years), the assumption of risk shifts entirely to the player with unsecured, non-guaranteed, often illusory monies (essentially team options). cheap basketball jerseys.Amounts written on paper can turn to dust with a simple phone call to the player and email to the league terminating the contract.In truth, for the third consecutive year, I walked around and counted every Bears jersey I could see, just to see how many current player jerseys I could find, since the team is nearly devoid of name players, let alone stars. It’s not like Nike is dying to print up Bears jerseys to put on sale in three months.What did I find in the Soldier Field concourse? cheap nfl jerseys china.Let’s just say I’ll again be seeing No. 34 and 54 jerseys in my sleep for the next week.Of the 201 jerseys I marked down, 22.4 percent (45) were representing Walter Payton and another 17.9 percent (36) wore Brian Urlacher, while just 12.4 percent (25) were of current players.

I saw a Cade McNown and a Curtis Enis, which proves that irony isn’t dead. I saw two women at a concession stand wearing Johnny Knox and Desmond Clark.custom jerseys. I saw two Mike Brown jerseys and two Jim McMahon ones.A final word on this topic: with more and more players facing financial distress later in life, I try to present an informed landscape on the financial security of player contracts, or lack thereof.Yes, I know that other sports have smaller rosters and more games (MLS players do as well, should they make more than NFL players?), but NFL players, many with largely illusory contracts, face the shortest careers, the greatest injury risk and work for the league that has, by far, the most revenues. cheap football jerseys.But when it comes to security and allocation of risk, NFL players are underserved compared to their peers in other major professional sports.